Damn the Torpedoes

It is time to move forward, maybe not “full speed,” but with all the speed I can put together.

This project has been stunted, perhaps my recognition of that is what kicks me into action. I love to write, to sculpt language in ways which capture imaginations and leads them to new viewpoints. This year my own imagination has taken leave.

I’ve written about my injury, from the beginning. What I have discovered recently is I have no recollection of writing this year. Upon examination, I find I have written over a dozen articles, the first only ten days after the accident. Some of them are pretty good. I just don’t remember putting those words together. In some instances, I have a recollection of expressing an idea, but the memory of gathering the thoughts, editing the words, and preparing for publication is missing.

As you might imagine, deciding on a topic becomes more difficult when you can’t remember which topics you have already addressed. When that failure of memory extends to forgetting what you have just typed, the task becomes even more “challenging.”

It appears I have an ability to develop solutions, so my solution for this issue is fairly simple. With my ability to multi-task on vacation, I will be focusing on a single task, a single topic. The topic will be Traumatic Brain Injuries. I have heard it said you should write about what you know, so it seemed fitting.

This page will be the home page, as time passes (and I am capable of multi-tasking) I will organize the past entries into an easier to access format and prepare an index and table of contents. These are all projects connected to my cognitive therapy. Going forward, I will be writing on various aspects of brain injuries, physical, emotional, and intellectual, as well as the consequences to which a life is subjected. An early article will probably be “Vocabulary,” as I find my adjectives do not always mean what they used to mean. Or at least what I recall them meaning.

I do hope to get back to writing about other subjects, but for now the world is too angry to touch.