I’m just writing for practice, don’t get excited.

I ended my last blog a few years ago, and it’s time to work on my skills again. It may take a little work.

I’m in my mid fifties, I have had over fifty addresses in my life (quite a nomadic life when you take into account I lived at one for seven years and three others for three years each), I attended nine public schools and three colleges, not to mention countless technical schools. In almost forty years of employment I have had over twenty employers (one for sixteen years, another for seven) in a variety of fields. I’ve been married four times (three divorces, once widower) and have four children (three from first wife, one from second) and one grandson.

I have been a hippie, a revolutionary, a government operative, and an executive. My hair has been short and long. Some of my views are conservative, some liberal, and some off the map.

I don’t do labels.

I’ve published one book, and started several others. Just can’t seem to get past the second chapter.

I LOVE intelligent discussion. Feel free to comment on anything. We may not change each others’ minds, but we will learn something. I ask only that you use spell check, and that you believe what you’re saying to be true (extra credit for references).



4 comments on “About

  1. atiernanbrown says:

    Blake,your blog posts are interesting and thought provoking. One in particular is quite poignant for me. Most of all, you write beautifully and intelligently and it really makes me wish you would find the time to dig in to one of those unfinished books so your appreciative followers can savor more of your talent. Best, ATB

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  2. Beth NoLastName says:

    Blake, if I replied with the excitement I felt as I read, you and others would think I was trying to play top this, and that’s not it at all. I just sit here laughing with delight in finding there is another me out there! Amazing. I was the serial bride! I stopped counting how many times I had moved when I hit 50. As I read what you wrote I sighed with relief and nodded my head. Phew! It’s really nice to be able to cheer you on. Go for it all, Blake! I intend to!

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  3. Hey Blake, your blog is great, we’d be interested in collaborating if you want to gain a wider readership

    Editor at THE RE|VIEW

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