My old school

NPHS class of 1977

Nothing reminds you of the passing of time like a High School reunion. It has been forty years since I have seen some of these people, and we had a wonderful time reminiscing.

I have been thinking of abandoning writing. It is no longer easy, I have not written in a month, and I had already started the first draft of my exit. For perspective, I have never written drafts in the past, I just wrote. At a pre-reunion get together on Friday, I received several meaningful compliments, words such as “eloquent” and “thought provoking” were repeated. The very best came from my friend Carrie, who said “I don’t always agree with you, but you make me think.” What more could a writer ask for?

We have spread about the world, and a surprising number of us stayed nearby, some still in town. I’ve been out and back, some never left. Ten percent of our class has shuffled off the mortal coil, which seems high; although there have been a few instances in which I could have been a member of that group. We are, as a generation, perhaps the last of the risk takers.

My own memory is a bit damaged, I could not recall everyone, but I was warmed by the way I was remembered. One man, football player then, told me how he realized later how brave I had been. He spent thirty years teaching High School students and saw how difficult life can be for the outsider. I arrived in New Providence for my last years of High School from California, a long haired freak in a buttoned down community. Forty years later I am still the long haired freak, but the community has grown in many ways. Still some bickering over the election, but for the most part we are a mature bunch. Closing on sixty is a part of that I suppose.

Tied to this were packages from both parents, photographs and memories of my youth. There apparently was a period in my teens when I grew a mustache and goatee, I saw a picture of it a few years ago and my father sent me several others, in which I was wearing a yellow blazer of which I have no memory. I’m hoping they reflect a bad week, the combined photographs represent two moments.

I am fully aware that I do not remember everything. A bit of a disappointment, but considering the memories I have confirmed as true, it’s been a good life.





2 comments on “My old school

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Don’t you dare stop writing. I’ve been worried about you as there haven’t been any Posts (for a month or more).

    I’ve gone to two high school reunions. One in Iowa and one in Phoenix. Don’t feel bad about not reconizing them all. Certain people do not change as rapidly as others. I recognized many of them, but the men who had been clean shaven and then grown a beard to cover their face, I did not recognize. One of them, had once been a steady boyfriend. He looked much better when he was a clean shaven youth. Of course, there were some that did not recognize me. I had changed a tad in fifty years.

    Remember what they said about your writing. I do not need to repeat it. Few, very few writers have you abilities.

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  2. Michael Haines says:

    We have common interests, although in some areas we have significantly different viewpoints. That is going to happen. As a society we have forgotten how to have discussions with people who differ on the issues. We have to keep dialog going. If writing gives you joy, you should continue it. Your sarcastic wit and sharp mind should not be silenced.

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