What’s in your wallet?

I am well aware that I do not fit in to the definition of “normal,” the larger question of my sanity remains unresolved.

With a last name of Cash, I have always had an interest in currency. I keep coins and notes from various places in my wallet (European style with built in coin purse), as time has passed and the collection has become more diverse, I have adopted the rationale that when someone someday finds my body, they will be perplexed, it will be my final joke. An inventory this morning reveals;

A 100 Ruble note ($1.69 USD)

A 10 Euro and 5 Euro note ($11.43 and $5.71 USD)

A 1000 (old) Peso note ($0.05 USD)

And in coins;

A Susan B Anthony and “Gold” US Dollar

A 2£ coin

A 100 (old) Peso coin

A Canadian dollar

One French Franc circa 1970

A 2€ coin

An East Caribbean dollar

A two Drachma coin

One each one, two, five, and ten Ruble coins

A Septa subway token


Certainly the wallet of a traveler, perhaps a time traveler? Three passports, a couple of visas, don’t even know my real name? Well, most folks don’t, and I’m not entirely certain.



My days are scattered, this morning I am contemplating the relationship of Tachyons to Dark Matter, whether politically correct revisions at Disneyland foretell mankind’s loss of humor, why two regenerations of The Master are more troubling than multiple regenerations of The Doctor interacting on Doctor Who, whether my younger friends parents were listening to my favorite music when they conceived my friends, and if my new earplugs should be teal or pink. I settled on pink.

Folks will think these are hearing aids, when in fact they are the opposite


I had a friend around the turn of the century (this one), when I was working as a technician, and we often said our lives were like having seventeen video screens on at once. Recently I saw a meme about brain injury which used the same analogy, right down to the number seventeen. Maybe that’s why I am weathering recovery so well, I was already like this. I have recently discovered my inner ear is a rather precise barometer, one more thing on my mind as I verify my impression with the readout on my phone.

When I was very young, we had a willow tree in our front yard. In addition to learning one “lesson of the willow,” that it is better to bend rather than to break, I also learned that a willow switch stings more than a belt. Everything has a purpose or two, not all bring wisdom in the same way. In learning the second lesson of the willow, I learned third, that I should not take off with a friend to the ice cream parlor a mile away at five years old. What kind of teacher provides a single lesson? That is lesson number four. It’s an unending cycle, which can be traced back to a willow tree.

I live in a forest, surrounded by teachers and lessons. I remember just about all of them, and their connections form a beautiful matrix upon which hangs the curtain of reality, Maya. I have found that if you don’t recognize the curtain, you can’t look behind it. There is something about having widely disparate bits of information randomly connecting in your mind that either gives you innovative ideas or drives you insane. The trick is recognizing which has taken place. I try to keep an open mind on the subject, it is an exceptionally tight rope.



Society demands binary responses, so my way of thinking often frustrates others. My ability to determine which ideas are “good” and which are “bad” gets confused as the definitions of good and bad take on a life of their own. I consider ideas that some people would not, either because the idea had not occurred or they immediately dismissed it. I am starting to question why I don’t immediately dismiss ideas, and am only mildly concerned I have found no reasons to do so.

There is a good deal of waviness in my thinking of late, as long as I stay out of trouble I can believe I am still making rational decisions, but I see it in my writing, this article in particular, but also several that I wrote following the TBI.





5 comments on “What’s in your wallet?

  1. Mike R says:

    Delightful stroll through your thoughts. An old fan of Doctor Who, I can attest that two regenerations of the Master are indeed worse. Ditto on binary thoughts. It’s always the grey areas that are the most challenging. Interesting that you are going back and reading your posts following your injury and discovering them not really inconsistent with your personality. The various currencies are interesting, although I could never do that as I can’t even keep track of one currency. I do share this with you–I have diverse interests that lead me into all sorts of alleys and backwaters and make it impossible to find friends who can look at my music collection and not find me to be strange. Sometimes I wish I were capable of being more focused, but I know that I would find it very boring.

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    • Mike R says:

      I failed to mention that I have a “Cash” in my genealogy, back about 7 generations. Of course, that far back we all become related.

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  2. Mari Collier says:

    Good heavens, just who do you think is normal? Why do you think I named my Facebook Author’s Page Twisted Tales From A Skewed Mind. I even gave that title to my latest anthology. Your musings do not seem all that strange to me and a personality test in high school said I was abnormally normal. The teacher really wondered what was wrong with me. Please bear in mind that was in the 1950’s. I love reading your writings. As for the currency, I do not keep the foreign or old currency in my billfold. There is far too much of it.

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    • kblakecash says:

      “Abnormally normal?” I had to go through three days of IQ tests in a hot dusty Texas schoolroom because my kindergarten teacher thought I was “retarded.” The result was far worse, labeled genius with only a 147 IQ I was an eternal disappointment


      • Mari Collier says:

        LOL That is funny! My one older brother had an IQ that high. He, however, was known as the Professor in our community. He’s the one that laughed at the idea of his baby sister killing off so many characters in her first attempt to write. I was devastated. Well, not entirely as that novel is now called Gather The Children. I did have revenge years and years later. He told me that I was the better writer, I’m thinking you were totally bored with everything that was being taught. As for my score, it seems no one was supposed to be that normal.

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