My Last Political Article

There is little doubt I will write about the effects political decisions have on society, or that I will mention politicians, but my relationship with politics has evolved; I expect this to be my last article on American national politics, specifically the 2016 elections.

I write to encourage thought, despite which there appears to be a shortage of thought in the political theater of today. Politics have moved into the space once inhabited by bitter hate-filled arguments. Agreements are not reached, they are forced, during the process redefining “agreement.” The meaning of the word “consensus” has come to be “shouted the loudest.”

There does not appear to be much interest in “leading” as an elected official. “Leadership” is another of those words lacking a meaning, what we used to call “managing” has taken leadership’s place, although I would like to believe even that concept is due for redefinition, managers once were required to demonstrate positive results. The driving force among politicians appears to be “getting elected,” which may at first sound like a simplistic statement. Of course they want to get elected, my issue is that is all they want. At first. Then it changes to “getting re-elected.” The accomplishment most desired while holding an elected position appears to be “creating a legacy.”

A legacy. Something tangible by which to be remembered. Left by someone who spent their life trying to distort reality.

If you have been following this blog, you are aware I intended to leave America a few years ago. One of the many reasons for leaving was to miss the election. I could see a wave of conservatism growing that would overwhelm liberal candidates. I happen to lean towards the conservative point of view myself, but this was destined to be mean spirited, with an ugliness of revenge not seen since Clinton vacated the White House in 2001.

This year’s unpleasantness has not been created by a party unwilling to leave power (yet), but by the all but presumptive winning party. Consider that fact, along with one of the recent quotes from the clown leading in the Republican primary polls, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters.” The acknowledgement his words and actions are inconsequential to voters could not be more clear.

A bad joke never becomes funny

A bad joke never becomes funny

Perhaps this should have been “The Sign.” The omen which revealed the onset of the apocalypse. The moment the New York Daily News told a joke with a punchline of reality pointing its finger at us and laughing.

The field turned out to be as many as twelve candidates and one rabid dog. At a moment more sober minds looked forward to unity following eight years of blatant divisiveness, one candidate leapt to the lead due to a history of graffiti; writing his name on buildings provided name recognition, and to connect the name to a face he ran before the cameras and insulted everyone he could. He started by attacking our neighbors to the South, then when a respected former prisoner of war defended them against his tirade the prisoner found himself under attack, called a “dummy,” and accused, despite his years in the “Hanoi Hilton,” of not being a war hero because he had been captured.

Typically, this type of behavior would draw a campaign to an end, but we do not live in typical times. With a wide and diverse field of candidates, the aberrant clown stood out from the sober, qualified contenders. Any threat to his name recognition lead was seen as a personal attack, to which he responded with vicious and vile ad hominem attacks.  His popularity grew as he attacked a debate moderator and eventually the entire debate process when his documented misogyny was questioned, then he demonstrated his misogyny by attacking a female candidate. He mocked a reporter with  physical disabilities. His personal attacks on other candidates intensified, but simply insulting his peers did not generate adequate press for this narcissistic ego.

Ignoring the first amendment of the constitution he was vying to uphold, Trump expressed a desire to ban an entire religion from America. In a nation living in fear of terrorism, he painted all Muslims as terrorists, be they refugees, immigrants, or native born citizens. Following terrorist attacks in other countries, he vilified the victim countries, not only France, but also the United Kingdom and Belgium. This is the man a majority of Americans feel should represent them in the theater of international diplomacy.

I am baffled. The same Americans who bemoaned Obama’s cult like following now abandon independent thought to join the Trump goose step.  I expected the worst the population had to offer, democracy is merely mob rule constrained by civility, and America has been proudly rejecting civilized behavior for decades, but the embrace of fascism shocks me. Some of my best friends support and defend Trump, refusing to see the hate he spreads like fertilizer for his campaign; so I have decided, in the same way I did in 2008, to step away from commenting.

Emma voted for Obama, and while I had found him interesting at first, I voted for McCain. We were able to discuss our differences without raised voices. Several other friends were incensed and insulting towards me because I didn’t vote for Obama, some of those friendships ended. A year after the election, Emma and a few of my friends found themselves regretting their votes and publicly renounced their former support. I do not believe there are the quantity of people capable of admitting they were wrong as there was back then.

There is no reason for anyone to suffer from hurt feelings because I don’t agree with their choice of candidate, we will all live with the consequences of the election.





12 comments on “My Last Political Article

  1. I’ve said it many times in recent years, and no doubt that will continue… the Republicans were once the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower, and they would be horrified by what’s become of it.

    I think it’s fair game to say at this point that Trump is one of the worst human beings walking the planet today.

    I can say this for the Westminster style of Parliamentary democracy- our election campaigns are a few weeks long. That’s it. And it works.

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  2. Mike R says:

    I concur with your decision to avoid politics. I gave up my participation in all of this years ago and my mental health has greatly benefited. Democracies divide, and dangerously so when the society is less and less moral, and the representatives are working for their financial sponsors. Just thankful for what security and freedom I have and mindful of the God-given authority of rulers. Just because I live under pluto- and oligarchs who pull the strings of the mobs doesn’t mean I have to join in with mob behavior. Too old and sick to move elsewhere.

    Glad to see you writing! I’m hoping this means that you have bounced back from your brush with death on that stairwell. (Although I’m sure “bounced back” is probably overly enthusiastic at this point). Godspeed your return to function and wellness.

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    • kblakecash says:

      Not quite back, just tying up a few loose ends should my recovery take longer than expected. Typing with my left hand is an experience I won’t mind leaving behind.

      A friend started a “GoFundMe” page to help with expenses, I will probably write about it next week.


      • Mike R says:

        Good to see your bright spirit in your words. And a good thing your friend did with GoFundMe! As I read the write-up there I got more insight into what you are going through. The medical expenses (particularly in this nation) become insane.

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  3. Mari Collier says:

    Oh, please do not quit commenting. I am delighted that Trump did not win the Iowa caucus. I wish it had been Rubio, but he did well enough to give a spark of hope to an optimist like me. It may do no good, but surely that other person will keep on losing.

    William is right about one thing. The election process here is far too long.

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    • markrhunter says:

      Yes, the election should be legally reduced to maybe 9 months, at most. Anyone mentions anything about a campaign so much as a day before that–off to solitary confinement with them.

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  4. markrhunter says:

    Trump lost me the moment he attacked McCain. I still think Clinton is the worst human being running for president this cycle–she’s just much better at hiding it–but Trump is proof that being open and saying what you think is only a good thing depending on what you think.

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  5. kblakecash says:

    How Incredibly bizarre. Trump won the election.


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