The Autumnal Equinox is today, 22 September at 2229 EDT (23 September 0229 UDT) . I try to note the passing of the seasons, not with the sadness for the season that has passed, but with the anticipation of the wonders of the new season, knowing the last season will be back in about nine months. The cooling of Autumn allows the trees to rest, turning beautiful colours and then losing their leaves, before the Winter snow weighs down those leaves and takes down the trees. The Winter snow is a reservoir, moisture slowly melting into the ground to feed the growth of Spring. Spring brings new life, lush green vistas, fading into the heat of Summer, outdoor activities, long evenings with the crickets, and then again the colours of Autumn.

I’ve had two cats named Autumn, the first because he was born on the Equinox, the second because Emma thought she looked like a pile of leaves. I can’t say I have a favorite season, but the slowing of pace and gentle earth tones allow introspection, this for me is the ending of the year, a time to reflect on the past year.

The season lends itself to melancholy, the fading vibrance of summer colours and appearance of the reds and browns feels like death to some, when it’s really just the adorning of bed clothes. Back to school often means an end to Summer romances, later we learn that romance can be mortally wounded at any time. I’ve certainly had my share of joy and terror this year.

The thing I like best about Autumn are walks in the woods, the silence makes the deer comfortable enough to not run away. Important moments in my life have occurred during these months, probably not more than any other season, just more memorable. Hope you’re reading this someplace comfy Jean ;~)

Life does not last forever, nothing does. Our lives continue beyond our days as the influences we have had on others, I believe our love lasts far longer than we do. On the other hand, several people have said I am a hopeless romantic.

The changing seasons teach patience and faith. The Earth will continue around the Sun, shining either more or less on our hemisphere on a regular cycle. The days grow shorter, then they grow longer, then shorter again. Over and over. Each year we long for Summer in the snows of Winter, and long for Winter in the blazing heat of Summer. We could not have one without the other, the wise among us learn to respect each for its unique charms.

My work will occupy a great deal of time this Autumn, but one good part is my days off are weekdays, and getting up at 0500 becomes a habit. There will be walks, with mist on the waters, deer and heron, and no people as they scurry off to work. I will be considering the past and its lessons, and planning a future built on the changes. Not that many of my plans go as designed. I will be exercising faith, and hopes, and a few dreams.




9 comments on “Autumn

  1. Very thoughtful, KB.

    My aunt used to say that the first day of a season dictated the kind of weather that would follow the rest of the season.

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  2. Mari Collier says:

    Beautifully written. I don’t always agree with you, but I am able to appreciate a wordsmith. Enjoy the walks.

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  3. Blake, you do have a gift for the written word.

    Autumn has always been my favorite season, in spite of an old ’60s song, The Autumn of My Life, that was kind of a downer. I love the colors, the cool (but not cold) temperatures, and the things from my childhood that still bring back memories that warm the heart, like hayrides and bonfires.

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  4. I also find a kind of peace in Autumn. Here’s to wishing you the same. Peace.

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  5. says:

    I enter the discussion late, having been working in the mountains, with no modern modes of contact. Autumn is perhaps my favorite season, being a melancholy sort. It is not that I do not rejoice in the new life of spring or the fullness of summer. Autumn, and winter to a degree, match my disposition. As you have better stated, the season in one of reflection. The cool breaks the oppressive heat of Central California–toiling is one in which I labor only with the task, not the heat. I love the colors–muted and organic. The smell of fallen leaves is as rich to me as the spring flowers. Perhaps it is the reminder that God is sovereign. Is it the awareness of the fall in the Garden that brought perpetual summer to a close? Perhaps it is the Gospel in autumn–the fallen leaves are like fallen men and women, faith even in death, that spring will come again, and this time for eternity. Is autumn the broken Christ taken down from the cross and laid in his grave, all hope forsaken? Perhaps that is it.

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  6. Mike R says:

    Blake, somehow I find your writing like the seasons. If they ever stop I will feel as though nature itself has stopped. I returned from a week in the mountains to your email and felt a surge of joy when I saw it in my inbox. Life goes on. Blake goes on. He always does. Nothing grounds him forever. Silly, I know, but your writing means much to some of us.

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  7. Mike R says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I overlooked the Edgar Winter Group’s video, Blake. How appropriate to your theme. I have to wonder if you find these by coincidence or if you plan your life by the songs. 🙂 Perhaps you simply live life and the life you live connects to many of us? I wish you encounters with deer and herons.

    The deer in the Sierras are so stressed this year, suffering from the drought. I encountered many over the week, thin and scarred, with drawn faces. One morning I walked my property in a bit of a funk. Approaching a chokecherry bush that was heavily laden with black berries only the night before, I anticipated a bit of harvesting for a batch of jam. Instead I found that my resident bear had stripped 90% from the branches during the night. The disappointment was matched with a, “you go, bear” attitude, glad that the bear, surely suffering the affects of the drought, had found a treasure of berries. His sustenance is far more important than a bit of jam on my biscuits. I lingered to pick a few of the survivors and pop them in my mouth.

    The sovereignty of the Lord God impresses me this night, ruling over the seasons. And in that truth is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God,himself, took our sins and nailed them to the cross with Christ as he hung there and died. In that final autumn, God put to an end all autumns, as Christ bore the sins of all believers as he hung there and died, as a leaf shriveling and falling from the branch. And in his death is the promise of life eternal.

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    • kblakecash says:


      Thank you ever so much. Music flows through me, I usually have a song for every situation, as I try to live “with a song in my heart” at all times.

      I like to imagine that my feelings are common, and by expressing them others can recognize they are not alone.



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