The company we keep

A couple of very nice people have asked me to start writing again. I thought a good place to start would be by reaffirming my beliefs and the direction of this blog.

My points of view cover several spectra. So do my friends and readers. I write to suggest ideas you may not have considered, or to reinforce ideas you thought no one but you believed.

God passes judgement, I observe behavior.

I’m against abortion, but not against it being legal. I just would never have one myself, even if I were a woman.

I have nothing against homosexuals, but my understanding of statistics prevents me from referring to something six percent of the population is involved in as “normal”. I belong to groups that are smaller than six percent of the population, so I understand the effects of prejudice. I belong to groups that represent well more than fifty percent of the population, so I appreciate the respect afforded a majority in a democratic community, without thinking “might makes right”.

I believe strongly in the second amendment and responsible gun ownership, the word “responsible” is the big red flag indicating I don’t believe everyone should be issued a gun with their birth certificate. Rights carry responsibilities.

I believe God created the universe, and that evolution was one of the tools God used to create the various form of life.

I am a Christian, capital C. If you don’t understand Christianity, I’ll be happy to enlighten you. I do understand Christianity, so please don’t tell me what I believe. Tell me what you believe.

I’m a conservative, lower case c. I don’t believe that something is automatically wrong because it was suggested by a liberal. Nor do I believe that something is automatically right because it was suggested by a conservative.

I don’t trust people who want to be in positions of power. If their ideas were so good they wouldn’t have to force them on people.

I believe in a basic goodness in humanity, but not a basic intelligence.

As you may imagine, some people find these views contradictory. I understand. I understand we are are born with equal opportunities but not equal abilities.

Learn English before thinking about a second language

Learn English before thinking about a second language

I may agree with a point of view, but not with the wanker shouting about it. I may disagree with a point of view, but still applaud the eloquence with which it is stated.

I don’t think people are stupid because they don’t understand something. I think people are stupid when they refuse to understand something. Not knowing something is not stupid, claiming to know what you don’t is. Signing a petition to lower the temperature of the sun is stupid, but that doesn’t mean everyone who believes in global warming is stupid.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with people less talented than I am, I am less talented than a lot of people. I have a sliding scale of respect for people who refuse to accept their limitations, the more specialized your talent, the more responsible you are to recognize your limits. A bus driver who thinks he could drive Grand Prix receives a great deal more respect than an attorney who believes he is an astrophysicist. Unless he really is an astrophysicist. Because I am aware that some people are capable of being many things, although most people are hard pressed to be one.

Just because you don’t happen to be an expert doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong opinion. If it’s your opinion you should be able to explain it, and explain why it is your opinion. Not with a video or a meme, but with your own words.

I have a real problem with people who lie. If you repeat something you know not to be true, you are lying. If you have lied about something, how am I supposed to know when you’re telling the truth?

I love the sciences. I despise people who worship a God named “science”. Science is a discipline that garners a level of respect due to its complexity. Blind faith in anything is blind faith, it’s bad in religion, it’s bad in science.

I will sound condescending. Slap me. I want to extend every courtesy I intend to extend, but I would never claim to be perfect and can barely keep my composure in order to type “I would never claim to be dispassionate”. I’m straightforward with my resources and qualifications, if you think I’m out of line, say so. I would love to see conversations evolve, just play nice and be prepared to document any claims about “facts”. Irrelevant ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated, note the word irrelevant.

Someone asked me the other day “What do you have?”. I have myself, my understanding of the workings of the universe. With that comes “the universe”. These articles represent nothing more than my desire to share my thoughts. Perhaps inspire yours.

So if you can deal with an honest independent viewpoint, maybe read something you don’t agree with without feeling threatened, feel welcome in this company.


What are your thoughts?

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