The first time I saw this ad, I knew where I wanted it to go. I was shouting the line before it got there, and then they said it. “The Ramones started in a garage“.



Garage bands are about dreams. This works out really well, because dreams are what makes music happen. Yeah, there’s a lot of work, practice, late nights in scummy bars for no money, unloading equipment in the snow to get to the spare tire and all the other things that make great stories later in life, but dreams are the fuel that takes you all those places.

I have a friend I met about twenty years ago. At the time, all I knew about him was that he was the best technician the company had, so he was someone to learn from. One thing I learned was that I would never be able as good as he was, so even though I did manage to steal the “Tech of the Month” award from him a few times, I moved on to another company.

I ran into him again a few years ago, our paths intersected with a common friend. In addition to being the best technician Minolta has ever employed, Guy Campo is also an accomplished musician. He described his band as a “garage band”, because he’s still doing the nine to five thing as well. Lieve and I have been to see him play, and we’ve run into him (and his beautiful fiance) at a few concerts. He still amazes me, in that his “hobby” takes up more time than my job ever did. He works at least forty hours a week, plus rehearsals and performances, and is having a blast with life, always tweeting from some great restaurantĀ  or event. I’m guessing he just doesn’t sleep.

Nearing the age at which many people choose to retire, Guy is still knocking himself out making music. I’ve known a lot of musicians. They have attained various levels of success, and Guy, like the people I consider most successful, is successful because what he’s doing makes him happy. That’s the secret, folks. Do what makes you happy. If you can make other people happy by doing it, even better.

You would make Guy and me both happy if you would download his latest, “Crackin’ up my Cadillac”. Isn’t that weird how we started this story with a Cadillac commercial? Guy is involved in a contest with the Hard Rock Cafe, and to vote for him all you have to do is download his song from their page on FaceBook. You get a free song and he gets a vote. Another win/win.

That link again is, or you can click here. If you’d like to hear more of his music, there are several videos on the you tube page below. He plays a couple of locations on the Main Line routinely, if you’re around Philly, check him out.

Keep the dreams alive.


3 comments on “Garages

  1. Salty Gunner says:

    Good stuff. What would have occurred if there were no garages in America?

    I was always led to think of garages and what they mean in the American culture. Here in the ‘burbs of California, they can and do become family rooms, from a simple getaway to an extra room with epoxy-finish floors, TV’s, and even bars, all along with a parking place for the cars. More often they are storage for overflow. My garage is a place where I work on my vehicles, repair items, and reload my ammunition. It is also “cigar friendly” allowing me to enjoy my favorite pastime while not bothering my wife and her asthma. What would happen if I did not have this space?

    Garages are about doing those things that are creative. They are about the activity of living rather than rest and comfort, although they contribute there, as well. Garages are great equalizers–speak to a man in his garage and you will speak to a different man than in his place of business.

    I like garages.


  2. […] meet people in the oddest ways. Last year my friend Guy Campo mentioned playing with a guy named Buddy Cash (these are actual names, a guy named Guy and a buddy […]


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