Getting the band together

Did you know that a group of Gorillas is called a band? So this is a better title than “Gorillas revisited”.

Today let’s consider the eight hundred pound gorilla wearing yoga pants.

Not a pretty sight. Which is only one reason gorillas don’t wear yoga pants. Among other reasons is the fact that gorillas rarely practice yoga.

No gorillas in sight

No gorillas in sight

Lululemon, a brand of clothing marketed to practitioners of yoga, makes clothing that fits the typical person who practices yoga. There have been some complaints about this from, of all people, folks who think a downward facing dog is something to run away from.

Apparently, the news has broken that small clothes do not look good on large people. Anyone who has walked through Center City Philadelphia on the first warm day of Spring could have told you the same thing, but as we all had guessed, some people do not routinely look in mirrors.

Before I go any further, let me make one thing as clear as a pair of Lululemon pants stretched over a size twenty two gluteus maximus. My personal tastes in female bodies tends towards fuller figures. I find nothing attractive about women who have been “starved to near perfection”.

Chip Wilson, the CEO of Lululemon, responded to complaints that his products were too sheer when stretched and “pilled” (the fabric surface forms small pellets). He suggested that if the pants don’t fit, don’t wear them. The pants were not meant to be stretched beyond their suggested size, and pilling occurs when the fabric rubs against itself, as it might if trapped between two large thighs.  Many fat people took this as “shaming fat women”.

The truth would be, if you’re not happy with how you look, you’re ashamed of yourself. I’m sorry no one ever saw whatever beauty resides within you, but perhaps there is none. Telling you your clothes don’t fit is not shaming you for being overweight, it’s shaming you for having poor fashion sense. If you think you’re going to make a stir by not buying clothes that don’t fit you, you could be right. People might notice how nice you appear when you’re not trying to look like someone you’re not. The folks at Lululemon will certainly appreciate it, if they wanted their clothes displayed stretched out of shape, they would use gorillas as mannequins.

Now Chip has apologized once again. Not to the people complaining, but to his employees, for having to put up with them. What a guy.

The next time you think you’re unattractive, look around you. Have your friends and family ostracized you? (Gosh I hope not, why are they your friends?). What are you unhappy about? If your lover and the people you care about think you’re beautiful, you are. There is no need to strive for someone else’s standard, and if you feel you must, just putting on the clothes of the person you want to look like will not make you look like them. Be happy with who you are, and more of the people you’re trying to please will be happy with you.



One comment on “Getting the band together

  1. Mike Reith says:

    Chip Wilson’s response to complaints is refreshing in two ways, that he has a product that is fairly immune to any boycotts by obese people, and that he is not worried about offending anyone, a rare treat in current times. Truth is wonderful.

    My wife is Korean and enjoys watching Korean television. Korean singing stars and drama actors are a rage at the moment and Korea has become the greatest provider of plastic surgery in the world. Not surprising that the girl groups are Barbie’s beyond belief. They look like they came out of the same mold–long legs with short skirts, thin physiques, larger breasts that normally seen in that nation, and faces that are without flaw, with westernized eyes, noses, enhanced chins and some with pouty lips. The boys groups are similar. If one only watches the entertainment shows, drama’s and movies the impression is that everyone in Korea is a model of physical perfection.

    We find it entertaining to see the audience in such venues, as the camera pans from the entertainers. While still a lot of enhancement is evident, the natural people are comparatively ugly if you consider Barbie to be a model of beauty. This has had a devastating impact on Koreans, who are extremely competitive. To vie for the best jobs and spouses they are flocking to plastic surgeons. Men now wear make-up. And in the end, what will they have achieved that they can feel secure in?


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