A week ago a woman ran her vehicle into the gate at the White House. Her car was surrounded by Secret Service agents, but she drove off. She was chased through Washington D.C., and several shots were fired at her vehicle. When she was eventually blocked in, she was shot as she exited her vehicle. Immediately she was described as suffering from postpartum depression.

In the rear seat of her vehicle was the cause of that postpartum depression, her infant child. None of the officers surrounding her vehicle had noticed the infant in a car seat, and one of the many reasons given for shooting her was that they thought there was a bomb in the vehicle.

There are a number of people to whom this makes sense. I am not one of them. Miriam Carey was a Dental Hygienist from Stamford CT, who believed that the government was electronically monitoring her. Perhaps she read the newspaper. Claims of being watched by the government used to be evidence of paranoia, before Edward Snowden. Today it should be considered evidence of being aware of current events.

The police, who could not differentiate between a bomb and a baby, immediately stated that she was suffering from postpartum depression. She was treated last year after the birth of her daughter. Mental health records are supposed to be confidential, and later reports indicate that her claims about being watched were not shared with the government. So how did they know about this during the chase, and when did suffering from depression become a capital offense?

The police who “thought” she had a bomb fired at her vehicle repeatedly during the chase. At no time did it occur to anyone that some explosives can be detonated by being struck by a bullet? At no time did it occur to anyone that there is no justification for shooting at a fleeing suspect who has not displayed a weapon? At no time did it occur to the officers that discharging a weapon in an urban setting could cause collateral damage?

Once she was stopped, and surrounded by police, she was shot as she exited her car. Again, at no time did she display a weapon or make any threats. She was no longer any kind of danger. Several Secret Service agents, highly trained in detecting threats, had surrounded her car earlier and not noticed a child in the rear seat, and now she was once again surrounded and killed on the spot.

No, this story does not make sense to me. The part that makes the very least sense is this story being so widely accepted. Normal protocols and procedures were abandoned, and the fact they were abandoned has been ignored.

There are a number of theories that would fit the facts, but seeing how people are apparently being assassinated for acknowledging information reported around the world, I won’t mention any of them. The real question is no longer “Is something wrong?” but “Just how much is wrong?”.



What are your thoughts?

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