Immediate surroundings

I’ve seen a number of examples of people who are not aware of their immediate surroundings, being busy texting as they walk up on a bear is but one example.

The recent government shutdown has been a feast of dissociative behavior. The administration seems to believe that America is their personal property. Woody Guthrie is spinning in his grave. For the first time ever, shutting down the government has meant barricading national monuments and parks. In South Dakota the Federal Government blocked views from a State road (a violation of several laws), and in Florida, the Florida Bay was “closed“. Apparently, paying Federal employees to keep Americans out of America is “essential”.

Maybe the best illustration of this drama is the following graphic.

Wasn't that how it's always been?

Isn’t that how it’s always been?

Smokey Bear, a symbol of personal responsibility since World War Two, has somehow had his message twisted to imply the Federal government has been doing the job he’s been saying that only you could do for seventy years.

How any of these things can be justified is beyond understanding, but it seems people aren’t aware of what belongs to them and what belongs to the government.

But the Drama king in DC is not the subject of this article, just one of many examples.

I was watching a home renovation program the other morning, a contractor who has done quite well for himself (it’s his show), was renovating a home for his family. He lives in Austin, TX and has purchased a beautiful rural property. From what I can tell he is a Texas native.

While I can’t find any reputable sources to compare States, Texas has one hundred thirteen species and sub species of snakes. But for some reason this guy never expected to find snakes on his property. He actually asked the snake handler he called after finding a snake how to keep the property “snake free”. The handler was polite, he didn’t say “Move to Hawaii”.

I recall a group of tourists being run over by a drunk driver one night in Delaware County, PA. A number of people said “They were from the South, maybe they didn’t know not to cross a highway”. Right. Driving through Princeton the other day traffic wasn’t moving at all because of pedestrians walking into the street, must be Southerners.

This may be the best example of a driver not watching where he’s going. Watch carefully, no deviation from course, no brake lights.

There are countless videos of people so wrapped up in their cell phone conversations that they walk into lamp posts. Bizarre to me is the epidemic of “Apple picking“, in which the phones themselves are stolen from the person speaking on them. Someone is so unaware of their immediate surroundings that the phone they are holding to their ear is stolen, with such thefts being an epidemic they could hardly not be aware of. Well, obviously they’re not aware, probably not aware whether or not they’re wearing shoes.

I’m not sure how people expect to be adequately aware of world events to hold positions, when they can’t be aware of their immediate surroundings. Or even simple concepts such as cause and effect.

Who did you think was paying?

Who did you think was paying?


One comment on “Immediate surroundings

  1. Making comments about the rudeness of the device obsessed when talking on their cell phones, at a volume loud enough for the caller at the other end to hear, gets a response, **usually** humorous.

    FWIW, Many government websites are also down.


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