Witch Hunts

Quick to judge
Quick to anger
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand…

Every now and then it gets to me. I manage to have intelligent conversations with complete strangers about issues which we have strong and opposite views about, and then some wanker chimes in and starts throwing insults.

The issue itself doesn’t matter. I just get involved when one group is being singled out as the source of all evil. When I was young, we didn’t use the word “racism”, we called it “prejudice”. I was taught that prejudice is wrong. I realize my own prejudices and try to work around them. The only group I truly despise are wankers, because they weren’t born that way, they chose to be that way.

Today, I was accused of being a member of the KKK. The discussion wasn’t even about race. I don’t mind the misinterpretations so much, but the absolute non sequiturs really just say “Wanker!” in flashing lights. I’ve decided that I will allow five wankers for every one intelligent response, should the ratio go any higher I abandon the site. So, goodbye “AlterNet”.

The first encounter was forty years ago, walking through Ventura, CA trying to drum up business for my aquarium maintenance service. A scruffy couple deluged me with insults because of my long hair. Being called a “girl” by a woman attempting to insult me was so odd I had to laugh.

Today, I piss off people on both ends of the political spectrum, and lacking an intelligent response they kick in with assumptions about my political leanings. I’ve been called a “Right-Winger”, “Tea bagger”,”fascist”, and now a “member of the KKK” by those ever so open minded liberals, and a “Communist”, “Socialist”, “liberal”, and “Leftist” by those compassionate conservatives. When it comes to religion I’ve been called everything from an “Atheist” to “Pagan” to “Fundamentalist Christian”.

That’s not mentioning the profanities that have been used, usually by someone with a screen name like “Iwouldneversaythistoyourface123”.

The way it gets to me is not on a personal level. I know better than to take the words of someone who won’t identify themselves seriously. It is the confirmation of the stupidity of the masses, combined with the indications we are rapidly declining into mob rule.

Here’s your fact for the day. Nobody knows everything. We all have opinions, and if we’re intelligent we listen to other points of view. Sometimes we alter our opinions, sometimes the people we talk to alter their opinions. Sometimes we just disagree, and respect each others thoughts.

I have editorial control over comments on this blog, but I don’t recall ever not publishing something anyone has said. I consider myself fortunate, in that it would be troubling to me to deny anyone their ability to express their opinion. If there are any wankers reading this blog, they have kept to themselves. Thank you.

A democracy cannot survive without the free exchange of ideas. This is a situation in which if you are not part of the solution, you really are a part of the problem.

How many times do you hear it?
It goes on all day long
Everyone knows everything
And no one’s ever wrong
Until later…

Want to know what I really am? I’m a free thinking human being. Everyone is welcome to join.


What are your thoughts?

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