Couldn’t stand the weather

The weather here is unusually warm. A string of days with sunshine and 24°C (76°F) days. We draw stares when we’re out walking in this heat.  We always bring odd weather with us, the 25 centimeters of snow the first time, the tropical storm during Pukelpop another. We visited relatives in Texas and it was cold. In 1979, I lived near Three Mile Island, in 1986, Lieve was at an outdoor concert near Chernobyl. I’m beginning to think there’s a connection.

I was having lunch with a vintner in the Finger Lakes region once, he was telling me how some years he’d be snowed in for months. I reminded him that the roads went South, and in fact I’d be traveling in that direction in just a few days if he needed a ride. I have often thought that the key to peace in the Middle East was air conditioning. It’s just too hot there, if they could cool down they wouldn’t be so cranky.

Weather is a subjective experience. We acclimate to our surroundings, and accept what some would call severe weather as normal. As human beings, we’re adaptable. We have inhabited every nook and cranny of this planet, we’ve set up habitats under the ocean and in outer space. These are good thing, the planet cycles through droughts and ice ages, species that cannot adapt face extinction. The surface of the planet shows wild shifts in temperature, sea levels, and vegetation over he ages. A number of people believe that an entire continent has sunk below the surface of the ocean, a little thought places Noah and the society of Atlantis at the same time.

That is our truth. it is neither convenient nor inconvenient, anymore than breathing oxygen is an annoyance. The climate changes routinely.

It is mainly ego, the impression that we are more important than we are, and isolation, the impression that for some reason we are separate from nature, that one incredible ego ignited the idea of “Global Warming”. The data is truly all over the place, but taxing society for existence is one of the greatest money making scams ever.  Wasn’t it just a few decades ago that Rachel Carson was warning of global cooling? Have we not gone through several decades of “connecting to Mother Earth”? And, in fact, have not global temperatures remained stable for the last sixteen years?

If it rains for a week, do you build an ark, or do you assume it will pass and collect the rainwater for the dry season ahead?

Our choices in diet do not alter the carnivorous habits of the rest of the species on Earth. Our choices on cruelty do not alter the way other species treat each other.  What we do, what we are, is nature. The only difference is whether we accept our place, or try to claim responsibility.Whether we curtail our use of fossil fuels, or use them up entirely, we will need to find a new source of energy (and plastic) within the next few decades.

We are humans, we will adapt.







2 comments on “Couldn’t stand the weather

  1. Alice Sanders says:

    The older I get, the more I understand that there is not anything one can do about the weather, so your last line, we are human, we will adapt is acceptable to me.

    Our weather is exceptionally wet as we have more than a foot of rain above what is normal for this time of year. What can I do about it? Nothing, so I accept it and do what I can do to get through a day, and it is a rarity to be bored.

    If there is an underlying meaning to your writing on this subject, I didn’t get it….great writing as usual with a little melody appropriate to the subject.


  2. Well you’ve done it again- Simply Brilliant- of course I AGREE with you- so you’re brilliant. I have never thought about the AC and the Middle East connection but I think you’re correct. Ya know- there are a lot of scholars (of such things) that believe that AC changed the Southern USA from an agrarian society to one that began to be competitive in other fields with the rest of the nation. And why is it that Al Gore never mentioned the Rachel Carson theory? I guess it just didn’t fit into his money maker. Good one KB!


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