Gay Boy Scouts

As you watch the Boy Scouts march by in the Memorial Day parade, how many of them are gay? Gallup suggests the number to be in the area of ten percent. Last month, when being openly gay was not permitted, that percentage may have been a little lower. Next month, with gay scouts allowed and thus some scouts perhaps leaving, the percentage may be a little higher.

If for some reason you believe sexuality is a democratic process, you should know that if asked the above question, fifty eight percent of Americans would respond “It doesn’t matter”.

Unlike the Girl Scouts of America, the Boy Scouts of America has not allowed “avowed homosexuals” to be members of its organization. Apparently, the section of the oath when Scouts pledge to be “morally straight” was interpreted as “sexually straight”. No more. The Boy Scouts have reversed their earlier interpretation and will allow gay members to fulfill the Scout Law of being “trustworthy” by telling the truth about their orientation. Until they become adults, when they will be banned from leadership roles if they are gay.

I was a Boy Scout, and to tell the truth, I cannot recall ever discussing sexual orientation. There was no merit badge for dating, safe sex, or relationships. The subject just never came up. I didn’t go past Second Class scout, because by the time I was interested in sex, I was no longer interested in scouting, they just didn’t go together. In fact, in that less than politically correct time, it seems that the common perception among us “cool” kids was that all scouts were “gay”.

As it turns out, it was probably closer to ten percent.

An interesting thing about polling data, the number of people who acknowledge unpopular practices tends to skew the results. In other words, regardless of how respected a polling agency might be, a percentage of people will not be honest. If the subject matter could be taken as pejorative, that percentage increases. I’m only assuming here, but I suspect that if acknowledging I was gay would prevent me from being a scout leader, I might be dishonest about it. This would lead me to believe that about ten percent of scout leaders are less than honest, an uncomfortable place to be when you’re insisting on honesty from your scouts.

As there has been absolutely no correlation between homosexuality and child molestation, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on honesty rather than sexuality? Kicking out those gay scout leaders will just make room for the straight child molesters.

Some groups seem to understand this, predicting a “mass exodus” from the Boy Scouts after the decision. No, I got that wrong. They predict a mass exodus due to the presence of gay scouts (as if they were not already there). These people appear to believe that not only is homosexuality a disease, it’s a communicable disease. But then, these are the same people who say it is a choice to be homosexual, so it can’t be a disease. Because if it’s a choice, why would their kids be more susceptible to becoming gay due to gay scouts? Unless it’s an incredibly attractive choice. I can only guess that they’ve encountered this choice themselves, and want to protect their children from it. At least the ninety percent who aren’t gay.

Because that is simply the way that it is. No one waits for permission to be gay, they just are. It’s not a choice, it’s not communicable, It cannot be “cured”, and it cannot be eradicated. To break down the delusional fantasies, the same way a pair of lesbians would have no interest in a male partner, homosexual men have no interest in straight men.

A large number of these “anti-gay” parents claim to be Christians. Christ taught love and tolerance. Christ taught that it is most important to love those we disagree with, as anyone can love those who agree with their point of view.

Homosexuality is not nearly as dangerous as ignorance.


5 comments on “Gay Boy Scouts

  1. As I’m part of the 58% I’m glad to know that the Boy Scouts of America have reversed their decision. I wonder if Obama will finally show up for their national opening ceremony this year (like EVERY President has since it’s inception in 1910)?

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  2. I applaud both aspects of the Boy Scouts decision, allowing self-identified gay males as well as continuing a prohibition on adult involvement.

    I don’t believe homosexuality is **never** a choice, though sometimes, clearly, it is not. Although it is a choice that cannot be ever completely undone most everyone has some degree of attraction to the opposite sex.

    I doubt the science that says there is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, at least no greater than in the heterosexual population. I’m no expert though, and would be open to a discussion on the topic and concede that I might lose.

    The tradition of institutionalized pedophilia within the Catholic church is shameful and widespread. I suspect there is a similar ‘tradition’ within the lesbian community, perhaps most significantly in the stereotypical man hating ‘bull’ dyke hired as a result of Title IX.

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    • kblakecash says:

      That should have been worded as you say Douglas, there are no more gay pedophiles than straight pedophiles, by percentage. Pedophilia is not related to sexuality, it is an abuse of power. I have no experience or knowledge of your lesbian comments.


  3. I love the way you explain convoluted reasoning.

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  4. Thnx for publicing this great information. Keep up the great job. I’ll subscribe to your blog also. Thnx!

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