How could God do this?

There was a man whose town was flooding. The police issued an evacuation order, but he stayed home because he knew God would take care of him. The fire department went door to door to make sure everyone was out, but he refused to leave saying “God will take care of me”. When the streets flooded The Red Cross came to his door in a boat, but he wouldn’t budge. When the water was up to his second floor, he went to the roof, and a National Guard helicopter tried to rescue him, but he refused “You have to have faith, he said, God will take care of me”.

After he drowned, he found himself face to face with God. “Where were you?” he said, “I had faith, I waited, I told everyone you would take care of me! Where were you?”

God said “I sent the police, the fire department, the Red Cross, and the National Guard, what were you expecting?”

We face disappointments every day. There are tragedies around the word. The world is no stranger to injustice. This last week there was a series of Tornadoes in the mid-West. In one location, twenty children died. All this despite all the celebrities who tweeted their prayers. Has God abandoned us? No, of course not.

To start with, you are not in heaven. Your world is not supposed to be perfect. To appreciate light you must experience darkness. So it is with life, to appreciate good you must experience evil.

Your measure as a soul lies in how you respond to evil. Do you give up, abandon your faith, become angry with God? Or do you use the experience to help those less fortunate? I had a friend who had a miscarriage at four months, and had to carry the child to normal delivery, knowing it would be stillborn. She dedicated her life to helping other mothers raise healthy children. Another friend lost his home to Hurricane Andrew in Florida. He has dedicated his life to helping others rebuild after natural disasters. When you climb out of the debris of a disaster, whether that disaster be physical or emotional, and thank God for surviving, that is faith. Blaming God for evil is abandoning faith.

God does not punish sinners on Earth. You have your entire life to make amends, you just don’t know how long your life will be, so don’t plan on waiting until the last minute. God promised judgement after you die. What happens on Earth, stays on Earth.

The works of evil, wars, violence, injustice, the fact that there are more fruits in my shampoo than on an Ethiopian’s plate, these are all conditions of living on Earth. If you want to get away from this stuff, you aim for heaven. You do it every day. Your prayers are for the strength to deal with evil, not that evil will cease to exist. You don’t just click “like” or tweet your prayers, you actually talk with God, and let him direct your strengths to help those who are barely holding on.

gervaisIt’s so easy, even an atheist can do it.

5 comments on “How could God do this?

  1. I would have said it the old-fashioned way which really makes people angry when one says evil is in this world because of sin. Even saying there is evil in this world upsets them. I have no idea why they think everything will be goodness and light. It isn’t. I have known people that lie just to lie. That is a weird phenomenon. They lied when there was no reason to lie just to see if people would believe them. Nature isn’t necessarily violent. It just can be. My parents used to tell me of the tornadoes that would go through the Midwest. It seems when I was growing up in the 1940’s and 1950’s, there were not as many tornadoes in our area of Iowa. Tweeted the Blog for you.


    • kblakecash says:

      Evil has a name, and it would prefer that name not be spoken. It is the center of deceit, to deny it’s very existence. He carries many names, most commonly “Satan” in English.

      We live in a schizophrenic world. We want to feel bad, blaming ourselves for climate change, but we refuse to accept blame for allowing evil to remain. That is part of evil’s game.


  2. What an awesome post! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing style is magnificent. Thank you! 😀


  3. […] How could God do this? ( […]


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