Changing with the times

You should have immediately noticed a change in the visual theme on this page. Two people mentioned that the white print on he black page was difficult to read. As much as I like the old look, it is the words that are important. I am open to criticism, it helps to know what other people think, and sometimes their ideas are better than mine. I had a little trouble reading the old design, but I didn’t know anyone else did.

Thinking along those lines, the song “Time waits for no one” by the Rolling Stones found its way into my head. A beautiful melody and performance, marred by the arrogance of youthful inexperience celebrated in the lyrics. The drive to consume rather than savor. Lyrics written by a young Mick Jagger, who sings about time destroying a woman’s face. I find the character written on the face by time to be quite attractive, although in Mick’s case, the story is rather sad.

It is easy to get lost in the moment, to forget that there will indeed be a future. I’ve spent a good deal of my life “in the moment”, in some cases doing so has allowed me to become older. There are moments when you need to be aware of nothing other than the present. I once told my nephew, “Living on the edge is great, as long as you can pull yourself back when you fall off”.

Life, overall, doesn’t always work that way. The accumulation of experiences create our responses. The desire for new experiences drives us to explore. Today is all I have, but the beauty of today is appreciated more because of my knowledge of the past, my ability to recognize and evaluate “beauty”. It is the experience of reflection that makes me seek new experiences, knowing that I will not only enjoy the moment, but also the memory of the moment.

Yes, despite my denials I am growing older. My hair has not gone grey other than some distinguishing highlights (and my face, thus the lack of a beard), but my eyesight is growing weaker. I realize that my next frames will have to be heavy enough so I can see them when they are not on my eyes. I never understood those eyeglass repair kits, that include some of the smallest screws in the world, that you are supposed to thread into an equally small hole, without the aid of the glasses that you are repairing.

My hearing is failing, particularly in my left ear, so that as I lie on my right side it becomes difficult to converse. Too many years with the music far too loud, and of course the drummer was always directly in front of the amplifiers, head turned slightly to the left. It has worked to my advantage, in South Philly I had an obnoxious neighbor who lived to my left as I came out of my front door. I wasn’t aware that I had missed many of her insults until I left my apartment with someone else who could hear. I do so wish I could have heard before, because I had some great comebacks. I suppose the freedom from her venom is better for my blood pressure than my replies would have been.

My first neurologist warned me not to blame symptoms on the wrong causes, that even though I have MS I should be on the lookout for other explanations. I’m actually moving better recently than during the last decade, I’ve put away my cane for now and am more flexible than many other people younger than me. There are funky aches and ghosts of old injuries, but I’m in relatively good shape. I’m not sure if the extra pounds mean my metabolism has finally slowed, or if a diet of beer and chocolate really is fattening after all.

None of the physical issues of aging are important. In the sense that some cause us to slow down, moving slower allows us to appreciate more. While youth disdains age, age is appreciated by those that have enough experience to recognize its value. At one point I had a small patch of facial hair (my face went grey when I was in my 30s) so my clients would be reminded that I wasn’t “just a kid”. The external signs of age are a badge to be worn proudly. As young as I stay in my heart, I am thankful for the years, each and every one of them.

Time waits for no one. Time is the ride we take through our lives.








3 comments on “Changing with the times

  1. LucyPireel says:

    Great Post! What can I say? Time is also how we perceive it, the strange fecker. When you’re having fun it flies by while when you wish for something to be over and done with it seems to crawl.
    And before you know it you’re old and weak. Hahaha, not there, yet.


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